Manufacturer of high quality Cultured marble products

“What sets Leslie Marble apart?”

Leslie Marble tops are produced in the Midwest by U.S. workers. Each top is custom poured, swirled, and colored by hand for each customer by the company’s skilled work force. Each top is then hand finished for a high luster look similar to a highly polished automobile finish. Leslie’s hand production process is contrasted against much of the company’s competition, which utilizes machine casting techniques and chemical finishing processes. The resulting difference between a Leslie vanity top and its competition’s product is that each Leslie top has a custom made, unique and individual look, rather than the look of a mass-produced product.

Leslie’s manufacturing technique allows for a marketing program that says to a customer, “Let your imagination be your guide” in designing your vanity top. The company will make most any shape or color top with the only limitation being size. Leslie offers a variety of bowl styles for your top and also offers sheet goods for unique items such as windowsills, fireplace surrounds, and shower surrounds.

Leslie offers one of the most comprehensive color selections in the Midwest. The large selection is further magnified by Leslie’s policy that they can reverse most of its color selections. In addition, the company has the ability to produce any color, solid or marbleized, of the large plumbing manufacturers such as Kohler, Eljer, Mansfield, and others.

Leslie Marble’s Display Program enables the showroom manager to purchase up to five tops at a low multiplier for showroom purposes. Please call for pricing. This will help familiarize customers with the quality of Leslie Marble and certainly will help to increase sales in the showroom. A beautiful display board with attached marble sample chips will be set up in the showroom for a $125.00 charge. This fee will be waived if two or more tops are displayed or if a stocking order in excess of ten tops is placed.

Leslie Marble’s quality is top-notch, prices are competitive, color selection is unmatched, and customer service is unique. These are some of our qualities that “Set us Apart from our competition”.

Please contact Jessica at (715) 669-5701 to place an order or with regard to any questions you may have. To meet with a sales representative, contact Lisa Hedberg at (920) 382-0058.

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